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Good Fight Herb Co.

Lyme Defense Tincture | 1oz.

Lyme Defense Tincture | 1oz.

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"A daily tonic to support healthy + strong immunity during tick season. This formula helps build + support your deep, innate immunity, is an anti-inflammatory and anti-spirochetal blend. By strengthening your immunity, your body is in a better position to deal with tick bites and any possible infection of Lyme or tick borne illness. This is not a substitution for other medicines useful to take upon acute tick bite, but can be used in addition. For daily use prior to any tick bite, and for frequent use upon tick bite.

Contains: Organic Astragalus, Knotweed, Cat's Claw, organic cane alcohol

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. "

-via Good Fight Herb Co.

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