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Good Fight Herb Co.

HPV, NBD. Zine

HPV, NBD. Zine

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"Written by Good Fight Herb Co. founder, Lauren, this zine shares her 11+ years of experience having and treating multiple strains of HPV, as well as supporting numerous clients in their treatment and care. Containing over 40 pages of lived experience, support and protocol sharing, this zine is home to collaborative information and guidance to take in, utilize and share, so that we may understand HPV and feel more empowered in taking care if and when we have it…because hunny, most of us have it.

Including lots of context, nutritional and herbal supports, things to consider, harm reduction and more, this zine is a must have for all those making out and taking care of themselves and their sex partners.

Consider our HPV, NBD formula as well for support if you have HPV, and/or scheduling an HPV consultation with Lauren."

- via Good Fight Herb Co.

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