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Artemisia Negra

Freedom | Incense

Freedom | Incense

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"Mugwort, mullein, pine, rosemary and juniper come together to create this subtle, woody scent. Jaguar Mary X gathered plants that their ancestors may have used to heal themselves while journeying toward freedom. It's possible that Mama Moses/Harriet Tubman used mugwort, pine, mullein and juniper for medicine.  Stories of mugwort include tales of Roman soldiers adding the silvery leaves to their sandals to ward off weariness. Perhaps seekers of freedom in the Americas did the same thing.  Pine has been spoken of in folklore as a symbol of resilience, steadiness and immortality. Throughout history, juniper has been known as a powerful hex remover, a true "breaker of chains" physically and psychologically. Whether your intention is to bring more freedom into your life, remove unwanted bonds or connect with ancestors who escaped slavery, the smoke from these plant allies offers inspiration and focus.

It is self-igniting, there is no need for a charcoal disk. Available in half-ounce and 1-ounce sizes. Use all flammable products with attention and intention."

- via Artemisia Negra


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